Case Fanta Cans 24X330ml (F330) Products

Case Fanta Cans 24X330ml


Product Details

24 x Fanta Orange 330ml Cans 

These competitively priced 330ml Fanta Orange 330ml Cans will help keep your office happy and hydrated. This multipack of 24 cans offers you extremely good value for money and provides a refreshing alternative to water.

These cans of soft drink come supplied as a pack of 24 and can be kept in a store cupboard or refrigerator in your canteen space so you can have them on hand whenever you want them. Cold drinks are refreshing, particularly in the hot summer months and provide a great alternative to hot drinks which are also available.

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Quick Facts: Orange Fanta Cans

  • Quantity: Pack of 24
  • 330ml per can